Why Components

Licensing Component Software allows your application developers to focus their efforts on your core competence and differentiation from your competitors. All software development includes a variety of infrastructure requirements as well as key functionality required. Both infrastructure and functionality consists of aspects that truly differentiate and aspects that are necessary to be competitive. Since all software development is also faced with the issue of not having enough resources it is critical for success to focus on core competence and differentiation.

Component software developers, such as Visual Kinemtics, have years of experience on a focused domain allowing you to develop with the best technology foundations, the best support and the best software practices available. The Component software that you license has already been licensed and used by many others. This means that most of the problems you would encounter in development have already been fixed, giving you a much more reliable product. The Component softwre tools allow you to integrate previously developed and tested functionality rather than embarking on developing unknown capabilities. Your application developers can focus on what makes you better than your competition.


Maintain Competitive Positioning - Leveraging Component software enables your team to build and maintain competitive functionality with limited development resources.

Rapidly Expand Capabilities - Leveraging Component software enables your team to expand functionality with limited development resources.

Reduce time to market - Licensing Component software can significantly reduce your product development time.

Reduce Development Costs - Licensing Component software results in time saved in development efforts for your non-core development activities.

Reduce Support Costs - Existing, well tested software is less likely to have problems.

Reduce level of expertise required - Rely on Component Software developers for specialty functions and capabilities.

Focus on differentiation - Licensing Component software enables your development team to focus on what will you need to differentiate your products and win sales.