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16. Global Modules, Part II

This section describes the use of a suite of VisTools modules termed "global" modules. These modules are designed to provide sevices for managing solution domain and results data for an entire discretized mathematical model. These modules support finite element (unstructured) grids. For finite element analysis systems, the global modules form a complete set of data structures for model and results information. A summary of the basic features of the global modules appear below: Table of Contents

16.1 Module Summary

The global modules are designed to be integrated into existing engineering pre and/or post processing systems or used as a comprehensive code base for building new engineering systems. The modules may be used in existing visualization software systems, finite element pre/post processors or visual data analysis systems with minimal impact upon established data structures. Major data structures such as element connectivity and node coordinate arrays may be maintained by the host application or managed by a global module. The modules currently delivered as VisTools global modules may be divided into the following categories: 1) grid topology and geometry, 2) entity sets and identifier translation, 3) data manipulation, 4) space and range searching, 5) load and restraint cases, 6) element properties and material properties and 7) utilities