The VfsTools library from Visual Kinematics, Inc. is an object-based software development toolkit designed to enable the solution of the systems of equations which typically occur in finite element simulations. VfsTools enables programmers to manage global system degrees of freedom, assemble and solve linear systems and compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors for large linear systems.

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  • Unprecedented Serial and SMP performance
    • Extensive BLAS optimization
    • High level of coarse grained Shared Memory Parallelization
    • Threaded I/O for out-of-core option
  • Global degree of freedom management.
  • Matrix assembly in sparse, full or diagonal formats.
  • Solution of large linear systems of equations.
    • Direct sparse factorization and solve. Optimized functions for multiple right hand sides
    • Symmetric and Unsymmetric systems
    • Preconditioned conjugate gradient and GMRES iterative solvers
  • Compute the generalized eigenvalue problem for large linear systems.
    • Lanczos algorithm, generally used for normal modes of vibration
    • Subspace algorithm, generally used for buckling modes
    • Automated Multi-Level Substructuring (AMLS) normal modes of vibration
  • Perform general Ritz reductions of system matrices.
  • Solution executives to guide generally non-linear solution procedures.
    • Non-linear static structural or steady state thermal analysis
    • Linear, non-linear transient structural and/or thermal analysis
  • Hardware and O/S independence.